Bedtime Buddy ”LULU”


My name is “LULU”.  Once I heard that family is the greatest treasure which can not be touched or put into words. To our families we owe our most precious secrets, our deepest worries, and our biggest smiles. Let me be a part of it.

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‘LULU’’ is 100 % natural, made of pure linen, cherry stones and soft wool. As with all our products, Baby sheep is Hypo allergenic.All our toys are laboratory tested to confirm the use of the toy from birth, leaving you with complete satisfaction that your little one‘s safety is our priority.

Inside the toy the natural cherry stones offer a variety of traditional and natural health benefits for your little person:

Cooling: Cooling the cherry stones offers instant relief and soothing comfort to your baby. Using the cooled pips can relieve pain, treat swelling and bruising and reduce fever.

Warming: The warming properties can help when your little one is poorly, relieving symptoms from sinusitis, bronchitis, otitis, or with abdominal pain. Or simply to heat or warm prams, cots and cribs on those cooler evenings.

Packaging: All Buddies arrive to you safely packed in our unique, handcrafted backpacks so your new friend can travel everywhere you go!


To heat: The inside cherry bag is simply removed from the Buddy and heated for 30 seconds at 400W in the microwave, or placed in an oven for 5-7 minutes at just 125 °C (without the grill function!).

To cool: Again, remove the cherry bag from your Buddy and insert into a plastic bag. Then, simply place in your freezer for 1-2 hours.

Hand wash only.