All of the babies (of course, together with their parents) go through the stage of teething – a process which causes quite a severe pain and discomfort, a true ouchy dance in the mouth, so to speak. When the tooth is punching through the gum, babies often experience itching, throbbing pain and other painful sensations, undeniably audible to the parents. Offering hope, the drug stores present a whole heap of various creams and medications which are supposed to reduce the discomfort of teething. However, since caring mothers pay attention to their babies’ safety, they often prefer to use a teether over other means of relief.

As good of a choice as it might be, researchers have dug out that almost whopping 90% of the teethers labeled as “non-toxic” or BPA-free, were in fact containing both of the harmful substances – BPA and 26 other potential endocrine-disrupting chemicals. In translation, the so called endocrine disruptors are chemicals which interfere with the body’s natural hormonal balance and can potentially disrupt developmental, reproductive, neurological, immune systems and lead to other more serious health issues. That’s nobody’s dream. Thus, we believe that this important matter should be taken into serious consideration, because unlike the toys which come in contact with a babies’ skin, teethers go straight into the little dragons’ mouth.

Now, where’s the hope? Perhaps the only 100% safe product which reduces the discomfort of baby teething – wooden teethers. Surprise? Unlike medication such as drugs or gel, wooden teething rings are free of chemicals and unlike edible teething biscuits, there is no concern for a baby to consume too much salt or sugar or any other food that they are not supposed to eat. Lucky parents! These days they have the opportunity to get organic wooden teethers for their babies quite easily. Without a doubt, this is a much more acceptable choice for those who want to raise their infants using only natural and non-harmful products. Extra bonus, because wooden teethers are quite durable (possibly, more durable than the teeth themselves), they will carry all the (bitter)sweet memories of your baby’s infancy years.

What shall we conclude now? We must admit it is important to be selective about exposure to substances in the early life stages, as allowing unacceptable toxic materials during infancy can inflict detrimental effects on health and might even alter the succeeding developmental stages. In the light of this statement, wooden teethers seems to come as probably the best solution for not only easing the pain of budding teeth, but for protecting your beloved child from various uninvited endocrine-disrupting chemicals as well.