Way back in the olden days, the curious people of Switzerland came up with quite a unique way to keep themselves warm during the cold winter nights – they started using cherry stones. ‚What on earth? ‘ – you may ask. Well…on trees, to be more precise. That‘s how unique it was. Peacefully perching on the stove throughout the day, the bags full of cherry stones would happily absorb the heat, then, keep steadily spreading the pleasant warmth they had stored. Now, how did they manage to do this trick… The mechanism in sustaining the temperature lies within the natural inner air chamber and the outer thermal-conducting wooden pit inside the cherry stone itself, allowing for the release of heat or cold to be slow and free of humidity. That‘s some smart cherries, ae?

One might think we have come far from these ancient methods…But nowadays cherry stone-filled little pillows or insert bags are still being used all over the world. Maybe those people are on to something? For sure – and here are some really good reasons to marvel at these little warmth marbles. To begin with, simply heated in a microwave oven, the pillows or other products which have the insert bags keep the warmth for a long while, the temperature not even dropping below that of the body heat. The heated cherry stones are also used to ease the stomach ache, cough for the children, to relieve muscle and body pain overall. Moreover, if stored in the freezer, cherry stones will not only keep you cool in the summer but can act as an irreplaceable cooler for bruises and various injuries as well. One more mention-worthy use of cherry stones – massages for various body parts.

Now, while raising a baby brings lots of joy to young parents, dealing with stomach ache or even putting your baby to sleep can create quite a challenge (in some cases, possibly an understatement). However, if you have the right means, most of those challenges can be solved quite easily. Yes – there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. Since cherry stone products are made of natural materials only, such as pure linen, they are gentle to the skin and do not cause any allergies. Better still, our product components are natural and eco-friendly which is especially suitable for the sensitive skin of new-born babies. It’s so safe that you could simply place warm cherry stone products under the baby‘s belly to relieve pain, or warm the bed with the same products before the baby goes to sleep, creating the feel of being held in the warm arms of their mother.

Lastly, shall we talk about the weather? With all the due seriousness, though. Most of us have felt that the changes in weather get along well with a number of unpleasant conditions in our bodies related with joints and weakened immunity. And even though cherry stone products are not a definitive solution for joint pains, colds or other illnesses, they are very effective in preventing most of the minor seasonal ailments and relieving their symptoms. So when the temperatures are dropping, the days grow darker and get colder, it would be a wise decision to heed to the wisdom of the Swiss forefathers and prepare for season by getting some cherry stone products for you and your baby.